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Tapjoy offer Videostripe is fraud


Well, I wanted to get some cash and I saw this offer

I tried to register at that site, but it always returned an error so I gave up. Then I noticed a welcome mail from that service.

I tried to sign in, but I couldn’t, it said that username or password is incorrect or even this user didn’t exist.

And the most annoying thing is that they have charged my credit card. They and some service I have never used or signed.

Never believe that scums.


And of course, no cash from tapjoy. :rage:


Hey Rodion_Ivanov, our FAQ here might be helpful if you’re having issues with Tapjoy offers:
If you’re still having a problem after contacting Tapjoy, our support team might be able to help if you reached out to our team with your support key, the email you used to contact Tapjoy, and your Tapjoy ticket reference number.


Insert non-helpful answer with disregard to original inquiry here and hope the customer shuts up.

I can’t believe these people get paid to copy paste answers that have nothing to do with the original inquiry.

Way to be helpful Ludia, like always… end sarcasm