Tapjoy offers

Has anyone done the funnymillions offer. Not sure about the look of it…
Also which offers have people completed and reliably been rewarded for?

Anything game related seems to work - e.g. download and play or reach a particular level. Would recommend Dollar Shave Club - decent razors and saved me a fortune in blades; done a couple of the betting (Kwiff, William Hill - although with the first I had to complain and wait about 3 weeks - decent bucks though), food (Gousto), drink (Beer52), etc… Would avoid survey ones and anything that just wants your e-mail or phone - you get really spammed afterwards. Gadget Club was good too.

Any game offer I have done, I’ve been rewarded for. For whatever reason surveys never work for me. I’ve had to use customer support a few times. Just make sure you use lots of screen shots, you will get a generic “we can’t help you email” first in any case submitted to them. Ignore this and resend your screenshots and type another email explaining what you did and this should get a real person to look at your case.

This worked for me… your mileage may vary

Ok I am trying out the kobo ereader offer. Wish me luck.

Edit: It has been done. Already had an account but the email is different from my JWA one. Hoping that because I did through JWA that it will reflect without any issues.

Just did 4 of the download and open; hello Halloween scent :slight_smile:

I dont know what a tapjoy is, but if its anything like candy crush or whatever, then im not interested in the least.

Tapjoy is the company that runs the free cash section in the store

Just did dollar shave and william hill.
Got both straight away.

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Enjoy the razors … and hope you win with your opening bet :slight_smile:

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The Vegas slots offer is legit and pretty easy. Get to level 22. You have to play it, but I did it in a couple of days and payout is over 1k in game cash

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The one for proactive is bs. My kid uses it so I used my 2nd email and made a 2nd account. I still have yet to recieve the cash…

Everything else works though. Except surveys never could get those to…