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Tapjoy on iOS doesn’t have any games

Does anyone know why tapjoy on iOS doesn’t have any games for hard cash? The only offers on iOS are surveys or you have to pay for an item. On android the games are still there for you to earn cash.

Because apple have decided to ban them for iPhone users as it doesn’t bring them any money.

It’s been this way for a few months now. The glory days of free cash are gone for us iPhone users

Well that stinks… maybe apple doesn’t like boosts?

It does stink, and Ludia, Tapjoy, Apple, and all the non-iOS players don’t care at ALL how unfair it is to us.

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It’s very unfair

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This has nothing to do with this game and a bigger part of apple not liking that incentive based downloads as they feels it allows developers to buy spots on their charts. This is been an apple policy since like 2011… they just started enforcing it but this isnt the first time theyve clashed with apps like tapjoy.

Apples long term app store strategy right now is to make buy to play games the dominant format for their store may want to do some research before buying your next phone.

Tapjoy is huge money some developers earn 6 figures A day off it… no way Ludia is taking that money off the table in terms of fairness… if you wanna bark up a tree the tree you need to bark at is the apple tree.

You add no value to this post. Thank you for trying.

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You asked why and I answered… apple started enforcing a policy thats been around forever because they are trying to move their store towards less free to play and more buy to play. This is a business strategy apple has been vocal about…

Im literally the only one that gave you the official answer to your question why.


If you want to add helpful information, add contact information for who “up the apple tree” to bark at. Tim Apple isn’t returning my emails.

Id suggest at the very least contacting apple support and letting them know as customer your unhappy with their current choice in the matter and will be considering switching phones. Most likely wont accomplish much but atleast youll be talking to the company responsible for the changes.

I realize it feels unfair to you ios users and in a way it is. But this is only one of thousands of games that are affected by this… its literally any kind of mobile game that gives advantages by purchases aka almost all mobile games and has programs similar to tapjoy thats affected.

The only thing that will convince apple to reverse this policy are customers complaints.

If anyone wants to actually try to find out where to complain, here is the support page. I thought “Developer Feedback” looked good but emails to that address have been unanswered thus far. If anyone gets through to anyone who cares, let the rest of us know who and how.

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Thank you!!

And also, Ludia should come up with a way to make this fair. In the past I’ve suggested cash for certified volunteer hours through any number of reputable charitable organizations. Imagine if you could earn game cash from working shifts at your local food bank or walking shelter dogs or cleaning up litter in your city.

Wouldn’t it be great to get game cash for something that really mattered, instead of spending a week on FFXVIII?

While it be a good idea and a solid way to show they care about other things then profit. Ludia just doesnt seem like a company to do this and they are way more motivated to do nothing and hope the outrage from ios customers forces apples hand in this. Tapjoy is huge money and thats what Ludia cares about… they dont want to make it more fair for ios customers they want that money back.

There is alot more at stake here then just fairness of a game. Apple is making movements for its Apple Arcade subscription service. If you dont know what that is think of it as netflix for exclusive ios games… these games cant have any pay to win in them.

Apple wants a world where a developer like Ludia is forced to create a different version of a game… without microtransactions. And this version of the game is only for ios. Thats a world worth watching to see how it develops even from a longtime android user who has own one iphone in his life. Ill trade all the tapjoy offers for a library of games without microtransactions…

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There’s nothing “micro” about Ludia’s transactions. :laughing:

Agreed, which is why what apple is doing is worth watching… if successful they can create a world where we actually get games developed more to keep us playing then to get us to part with our money… to speed up a building, incubator.

Alot of us from a pure spec standpoint cary around with us a device more powerful then the switch yet the games we play on them our designed in a way to get us hooked then put limitations on what can be done without spending money.

I know they got Apple annoyed and that makes it harder for iPhone users to “win” in-game cash from them… but considering how many hundreds of “Dollars” I was supposed to get from them for installing games that NEVER showed up, I’m not too displeased with their current status. On the average, I’ve earned at_most 2/3 of the promised in-game cash from Tapjoy and pretty much ignore their presence now.

It’s nice that you are at peace with it, but it’s my only source of game cash income and I’m still uber salty that it’s been taken away. I agree that Tapjoy are slimeballs and they ripped me off a lot but I made tens of thousands of game cash and without that I am not progressing as fast as I could be.

May not be of too much help, but if you have an old android phone laying around collecting dust that can run the game, turn on the wifi and use it for the non-apple tapjoys. (I used an old iPhone 5S for that apple exclusive offer.)