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Tapjoy question.?

I have 2 Google play accounts. Ones basically an alt for donations. Tapjoy bucks are going to the alt account. Does anyone know where I can switch which account the rewards go to?

no idea if it’s possible.

but one question id like to know is if you’re starting the offer alt account? because that would be the only reason i see the rewards going to that account.

Shoot. Nope. I start from my main and open the app from that. Since I’ve added the second account to Google play all the rewards except “install and play” go to the alt. Maybe I just have to remove the alt account while doing any tap joy.

Hey Stinkfoo, I believe you’ll need to complete the offers on the same Google account that your main game is linked with to receive the rewards. Our team might be able to provide some assistance if you reach out to them at

A member of our allinace had a similar issue. Do you use the same phone for both accounts? If you do I believe when swopping back to the main one they had to log out and back in twice as the Tapjoy ID wasn’t updating but keeping the ID of the other account.