Tapjoy questions

I’ve decided to give up my F2P status and sell my bod… I mean my lifetime for tapjoy rewards, however, as much as I’ve tried to search this forum - most people only complain about one issue or another, while I’d like some basic information:

What exactly is this “new account” requirement? Does it mean that I can’t link the progress to my gmail account? Does it just mean that if I had previously played that game - I can’t use my previous progress to qualify? That would be understandable, and that’s not my case, but how should people then get the rewards? Register another gmail account? Or do something like “unlink” the current progress, wipe game cache and start on a “guest” account?

Right now I have tried two games, one I couldn’t be bothered to even complete the tutorial, and I don’t know if could cancel the tapjoy offer, I guess I might as well let it time out. Then again, that game had no indication of a tutorial, so maybe it’s just a delay. Another game actually looks interesting, I might keep it past the reward requirements, so obviously I have linked it to gmail, same as the “bad” game.
So could it be that maybe I have competed the tutorial, but the fact of linking the game - immediately made my account invalid for the reward? And could the same thing happen once I get to “level 15” in another game? If so, I might as well restart now without linking, not too much to lose.

So, a TL;DR version:

  1. What does “new account” mean?
  2. If you have previously played a tapjoy game and have a linked progress to your gmail account - what’s the deal then?

I am assuming that you play Titan Uprising on an Android device.

Tapjoy uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine your specific device id. It’s not just tied into an email account. You have to be careful about changing any information or using a VPN as Tapjoy may determine that you are trying to trick their system for duplicate rewards and may ban you.

In terms of apps, “new user” basically means that you have never downloaded or played that game before. Lets say that you downloaded a game two years ago and quickly removed it because it was garbage. Well, somewhere in the cloud that information is stored. So, lets say now you see an ad on Tapjoy. You re-download the game and spend a week or whatever time fulfilling the requirements for the rewards. Well, Tapjoy knows that you downloaded the game in the past and that will disqualify you from getting the reward because its not a “new account”.

Tapjoy can be very rewarding but it can also be very painful to get your reward. And the bigger the payout the harder it is to get the prize. There are lots of hidden gotchas. For example, lets say you see an offer on the Tapjoy Offerwall and you click on it and download the app. Then the next day you see a duplicate offer but with a better reward so you click on that one. Well, guess what you just invalidated the offer.

If you do decide to go after an offer that pays over a thousand runes then take lots of screen prints of everything. Document everything every step of the way. That way when its time to get the reward you have proof to send to their customer service. There is a reason why so many people complain about Tapjoy. Very often people spend days or weeks, and spend money to fulfill an offer just to get denied. And fighting with Tapjoy customer service is not fun.


Woah, thanks a lot! No, while I’m not new to the whole Bluestacks business, for now I’m playing solely on the same device, same account.
I appreciate clarifying the “new” account issue, however, seeing as I haven’t truly screenshotted every step of the way, what would be your recommendation if I’m, say, castle level 8 out of 15? Pretty sure I can do it in 2 weeks, seeing as this is a day of progress. Do I maybe screenshot the ingame emails, like the greeting one and such, I don’t remember if they are dated, but the whole thing happened over a day, and I very clearly hasn’t tried this game before. So, basically what should I screenshot if my goal is to do castle lvl15?

Here are some recommendations:

#1 screen print the Tapjoy offer

#2 screen print proof that you downloaded the app AFTER starting the Tapjoy offer

I have an iPhone not an Android phone. On the iPhone you go to App store. Then tap profile picture, then tap Purchased. Every app that I have ever downloaded along with the date is in that list. In my case the list goes back over 10 years. Even though my current iPhone is only a couple of years old. There is probably some similar functionality on an Android device.

If I downloaded a game in 2016 and redownloaded it in 2019. The date will still show up as 2016. Thus, the Tapjoy offer is invalid.

#3 in the Tapjoy offer there should be a list of steps that must be completed. Be able to prove that you have completed each of those steps. Make sure you keep any emails sent to you from the app developer such as Welcome emails. In your case, you want to take a screen print when your castle hits level 15.

#4 do NOT click on duplicate offers. Lets say the first offer says 1K runes for level 5. And the next day you see an offer for the same app that says 2K runes for level 8. Don’t click on that 2nd offer its a “gotcha”. This is why its a good idea to look over ALL of the offers before clicking on any of them. I have frequently seen better offers much further down on the Tapjoy Offerwall. Also, you need to pay attention to the difficulty of the offer. Sure a 5K offer is better than a 1K offer for the same app. But, the 5K offer may be much harder to obtain. The only way to know which offer to pick is to google it and try to get some feedback from someone that has completed the offer.

#5 If you really want to take full advantage of Tapjoy then never download apps just to check them out as doing so may invalidate a future Tapjoy offer.

#6 Always wait for the 2x events. That’s when an offer that pays out 1K runes will be worth 2k runes. Don’t worry about completing the offer within that 2 day window. If you start it during the bonus event then you will get the bonus amount even if it takes longer than a couple days. Most Tapjoy offers say how long you have to fulfill the offer, some allow a month or more.


People that have an iPhone and are reading this post may wonder what apps we are talking about.

In April 2019, Apple banned incentivized monetization services like Tapjoy from advertising apps.

So, if you have an iPhone then “no soup for you”. [Seinfeld joke]

In other words, iPhone users can no longer get runes from playing other game apps. You can still earn Tapjoy rewards, but most of those involve some sort of purchase.

And unfortunately, Apple will not be changing this policy any time in the near future.

For any Ludia moderator that stumbles across this thread. Ludia may want to rethink its incentivized model because it really is extremely unfair to iPhone users. Android users can continue to earn free runes by downloading apps but iPhone users are exempt.


Some of my team works around this by playing the game primarily on their iPhone but doing offers from a second Android device. It works and still allows them to take part. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I guess that special device algorithm is not so special after all.

To clarify, they play Dragons on their iPhones and then do the tapjoy offers on the Android devices by signing into Dragons from there.

Thank you Mama_Fury for your post. I just wonder if Tapjoy can ban someone for doing that.

I have read through the Tapjoy legal webpage and a few paragraphs stand out that I have copy/pasted below.

When you submit a customer support request, we receive and store device identifiers for the device involved in your request — specifically, its unique device identifier (UDID) and its advertising identifier (IDFA for iOS devices, Android Advertising ID for Android devices), along with your email address and IP address, and your name if you choose to provide it. We use this information to respond to your request and help prevent fraud. If resolution of your request requires coordination with the advertiser or publisher involved, we may share your support request information with them, including the device identifiers and your email address, as necessary to research and respond to your request.

You are prohibited from using the Services in connection with fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity, including but not limited to device ID manipulation, misrepresentation of offer eligibility (including deceptive geolocation manipulations)…

We make our Services available as part of a virtuous circle that allows users like you to be rewarded for their time and attention, publishers to earn money through their apps, and advertisers to reach users who may be interested in their products and services. If we believe that your behavior is in any way abusive or disruptive of our ecosystem, we reserve the right to take action against you, including suspension or permanent ban.

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Not sure how they’d call it fraud, but knowing them, they’d find a way. I mean, you could own an iPhone that you play on during the day and come home to play on your Android tablet, so as long as you’re signing in with the same account, not sure how they’d handle it.

It all comes down to whether Apple has jurisdiction over your actions or not. See, you can definitely do anything you want on your Android device, you aren’t using some AppleID there, even if you can use Google account on an Iphone. But… if Apple can somehow detect that you have been using a prohibited service in your game… and therefore be in violation of whatever equality\non-selloutery policies that Apple has established for its users - then it can… if not punish you - then punish Tapjoy. And, believe me, Tapjoy would rather off you than deal with Apple.