Tapjoy reward

I completed a task for a Tapjoy reward, but have not received the gems. I was tasked to reach level 31 in Gummy Drop and did so.

You have to go into the tapjoy rewards page, then find the settings. You can see the progress there and you can file a support ticket through tapjoy. The forum folk wont be able to get your reward for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Ack! What am I looking for?

I am on Note 9. Not sure if your screen will be the same, but here is what mine looks like… also, in order to find the menu options on TapJoy, I have to swipe down so it appears. That took me a few minutes to find the first time.


Thank you, again!

Screenshots are key, as well as being polite. I’ve done about 20 Tapjoy things, most for over 100 gems and some ranging in the few 100s. None of the offers had me spend money. Anyway… rarely do I get credit. Instead I need to reach out to the CS with a screenshot. It’s annoying that I have to write them, but they’ve come through every time. That wasn’t the case before.

Thanks, @Niki_McDaniel!

Our FAQ here can help as well, @Jeffrey_Burke: