Tapjoy rewards not being rewarded and hard time getting anything


Jurassic World Alive do you know why it takes so long to get a reward from the taptapjoy support? (Hard cash) it takes about 4-5 mails somethimes before they actually review your question. And when they read your question, 99% of the time they give you a reply with more proof you have to submit, and false information, like we see its already resolved… while your hard cash did not increase. Same for the scratchmania reward… i send them a sshot of everything they asked… but ofcourse from gratorama because that is the site you guys redirect to when you press earn 2464 hard cash… they tell me its not gratoramq but they need proof of scratchmania… games i have completed more than a week ago like: pop slots where i did submit a ticket for, but not getting any answer from… while new tickets are getting response after a day. I have to tell you, its getting frustrating. Im waiting for rewards of an amount of ± 4000 hard cash. But im getting tired of all the mailing, and not getting forward at all.

My account: Thomasvd1337 #6511

Last mail to support taptap:

Did not get any hard cash:

  • 156 for finish board kings level 2 (cash did not increase)
  • 308 for finish island 3 in pirate kings (cash did not increase)
  • 560 for pop slots lvl 18 (still pending case; 12370396
  • 2464 for scratchmania aka gratorama (still pending case: 12391984) i gave proof of gratorama, you want scratchmania, but your reward sends me to gratorama???
  • 952 for reach castle lvl 11 lords mobile (still pending case: 12393070)
  • 952 for rakuten kabo, bought an ebook…

This should be about it… im not completing any more offers… to much hussle to get any rewards…

Total cash still needed: 5392
But im tired of all the mailing and not getting any progress at all… are these rewards real? Or its a fake? You better remove it from your game or search another partner.

A minute ago i got an email again:
We’ve looked into your support request, and we’re happy to let you know that you’ve actually already been awarded for the “Finish Island 3 in Pirate Kings ” offer in Jurassic World™ Alive !

But again, no cash increase…


Hey there, Thomas_Van_Damme, I’m sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with this! I know it must be frustrating, but please understand that it can sometimes take up to twenty-four hours for you to receive rewards for all of the actions that you performed. If you have not yet contacted our support team, then please reach out to us at support+alive@ludia.com. Additionally, and in order to best protect your account, please remember to only share your account information to our support agents within our ticketing system. You may wish to edit your post in order to remove this. If you need anything else, let me know!



Yes i need support… i want someone to view my account hard cash balance, and see if it actually increased or not…

Also the scratchmania deal, they claim its scratchmania and not gratorama…

Check your link in the partner deal… it redirects to gratorama.

I have deals pending for a couple of days. Some are pending from: 10/05 for over 7 days… can someone actually help me now?

Met Vriendelijke Groeten,
Thomas Van Damme


In order to take a closer look at your account, we ask that you contact our support team at support+alive@ludia.com, including your support key in the email along with a copy of your original post. This will help make it easier for us to help you. Thanks!


Hey John,
I did what you told me to do, as a result they told me they are not responsible for it, and i have to work it out with tapjoy…

Weird that something in your game is not your own responsibility.