Tapjoy rewards

I’ve been after tapjoy for weeks now providing them with screenshots of rewards I’ve completed but never got the in game cash reward. The customer service is horrible on there end. I’ve tried Twitter and email and emailed ludia about this and nobody helps.

I’m owed over 7000 of in game cash and just get ignored. Ludia you provide tapjoy in the game for players to use and should bear responsibility for their lack of help. I’ve seen countless people complain about not getting their rewards. Why allow this service if they cant keep up there end up the bargain by giving out the rewards or at least having any customer service?

I’d welcome anyone from ludia to help me get the rewards I’ve completed. I can provide screenshots of everything I’m talking about.

Hey Tyler, I’m sorry to hear that you are still having an issue after reaching out to Tapjoy, and our team would be happy to help you. If you haven’t already, could you email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your Tapjoy ticket number and the email address you used to contact Tapjoy? If you could include your support key in the email as well, it’d be really helpful for our team.

Once our team gets a chance to see your email, they’ll try and assist you further with this ASAP.


@Ned email from last week

I guess I cant post the screen shot but I emailed the support ludia last week and got a response from Aldrick telling me to email tapjoy. But now I should email ludia again? Feels like I’m going in a circle getting nowhere.