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Tapjoy: sharing app tips & experiences

Hi there, I guess everyone has made good and bad experiences with Tapjoy. I’d like to start a thread where we can give each other tips on which offers may be worthwhile and hand out warnings for those that are not.

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My first suggestions:


  • Avoid the survey offers. Never got any rewards from these. Many are just clickbait anyway.
  • Ball run space - Task was to download and start. Never received reward though.
  • Jackpot Magic Slots - level 40 for 800 runes: Hands off! Did not receive reward even after providing proof. Finished within 4 days. More tedious than other slot games as level progression hardly increases with higher betting amounts. First 7-8 levels are completed quickly. After that average level completion time = 35-45 minutes. Didn’t receive reward. Contacted Ludia support with proof screenshots and now waiting for reply
  • My museum story - Gather 20.000 coins for 1400 runes. Gave up on game almost 1 week later. One has to win approx 180-200 tile games and watch as many videos + progress in a rather trivial story in order to obtain 20.000 coins. Only got 3300 coins and games are increasing in difficulty. Too tedious to play each game 2-3 times before you win. Perhaps someone else may have more fun with it.


  • AFK Arena - level 32: Finished this offer within a week only for approx 2400 runes. The app is well built and let’s you progress quickly through the levels. Even if you don’t do that much it collects rewards and advances your level afk.
  • Coin Master - complete village 3: offer completed within 2 days. Reward: 1070 runes. Boring game with ugly graphics, but was relatively easy to play and complete with only checking the game every few hours. Better try completing all villages timely since other players can steal and damage your village.
  • Slotomania - complete level 30: offer completed within 4 hours. Reward: 1300 runes. Easy money. Set game on autoplay and kept betting initially only minimum as suggested by Mysterious until I hit the jackpot.
  • House of fun - complete level 32. Offer completed in 3 days. Reward: 930 runes. Another slot game. Took a while to earn a high jackpot so I could increase the betting amount which in turn let’s the levels advance faster.
  • Bingo Bash: complete level 5. Offer completed within 1-2 hours. Reward: 160 runes.

Always wait for 2x reward days if you can, 1.5x is fine but 2x is best.

Have 2 to 3 at a time as they usually last a month and you can go either all at once or one after the other. Once you accept the offer, that 1.5x or 2x deal is locked in.

Slots have always been easiest for me as I can set the phone beside me and put it on auto. If you do slots, always bet the minimum and keep it those that have 9 lines. Your xp is given regardless and you’re far less likely to run out of chips.

You certainly don’t have to pay money, but those that tell you to get X Town center to X level can be much more quickly achieved by shelling out 1.99-3.99 USD and you usually get up to 3k runes. But that’s really just if you’re impatient, like I can be lol Not at all necessary. Compared to in-game being 29.99 USD for 2800 runes, I think it’s a steal.

Other match threes are also very good and quick to go through- EXCEPT for the Lost Island. That was an ordeal. I had to go through 435 levels to finish it, and only got 692 runes, which was on 1.5x reward day. It took well over a week. Maybe two? But I did take a few days to get away from the banality of it. I don’t like to spend more than a day or two at most on these things. I don’t play games to play other games, that’s silly and redundant.

Also as @TheCommander said above, the AFK arena type of games where they keep battling while you are away are also good. They keep racking up scores and you usually just have to pop in to collect every ten hours or so.

Just to be safe, take a screenshot of your goal accomplished. Every now and again the reward wont go through (Though sometimes you have to give it a few minutes to a few hours or even a day), but I’ve never had a problem with sending a quick description, screenshot, and getting a response by the next day with reward.

Also don’t do surveys. They never pay.

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I wish I knew why the only offers I get are stupid surveys or quizzes (which are a waste of time) and “subscribe to this”, “buy this thing”, etc. They typically reward decent, but it’s very rare that I find an offer I can benefit from enough to justify spending money on it. I don’t have any game offers anymore. :confused:

@emtotts iPhone users don’t have access to the games because the Apple store banned 3rd party things such as tapjoy from falsely increasing the downloads of games. Some of my teammates had the same issue, so they play their game on their iPhone and use an Android device to do tapjoy offers.

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I agree that games such as casino, match 3 and even the bingo ones are super easy and only mildly annoying to complete. Avoid landing animals and pocket mines and ones like that at all costs. I gave up on pocket mines because it moved quickly at first but got exponentially harder. Landing animals was literally nothing but watching ad after ad after ad. I download nothing unless it’s a 2x weekend and will usually claim 4-6 each time.

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Ahhhh okay. That sucks :confused: if only I had an android device lol.

Thanks for your tips guys! This thread is all I have hoped for. Normally, I wouldn’t have considered doing the slot games as I thought them kind of shady, but I will definitely give them a try now and wait for the double rewards as suggested by Mysterious and Mama_Fury. Already doing the alibi screenshots according to Mysterious’ instructions.

Also, I will keep updating my second post with each new experience I make.

Someone already created a blog with an awesome experience collection. So great:


:heavy_check_mark:Reach lvl 10 Stronghold in King of Avalon for 1338 runes. I completed the offer in around 4 days, got rewarded instantly. (Recent)

:x:Download and run a sign language app development by Dubai Police for 1071 runes. I’m fairly positive that the amount of runes is this high because the app’s in Arabic, so it’s a bit difficult to figure out what to do with it. Apart from that, after having successfully run the app and even done a few of their tests, the offer is still marked as “ongoing” and I have yet to get my rewards. Hours now. (Recent)

I as well did a King of Avalon task for 5600 runes. I was rewarded instantly when I finished the task; lvl 12 stronghold. It took me 4 days but I put a lot of time in it and had lots of speed ups for building the necessary things. I spent 99cents for 40hours of speed ups.

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Just finished June’s journey. It’s a hidden object game. Only took a couple of days, wasn’t terribly annoying and was worth 1k runes. I do suggest to speed things up to do all the stars for each scene at one go. That way your memory is fresh for that scene, you can find things faster and get better bonuses. Also, always watch the ad video before playing as it will make the energy cost 10 instead of 15 for half an hour.

Update: I got rewarded the next day after contacting Tapjoy support. Same with another offer for an anti-virus ap, for about 10 runes, I had completed at around the same day. 1081 runes total

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I’m now working on fulfilling an offer for 535 runes… Reach town level 12 in Rise of Kingdoms. Will take a few more days.

Updated second post as promised.

I downloaded the postmates app. It’s like door dash or any other 3rd party food delivery. Downloaded on a 50% more tapjoy day. Made sure to add my tapjoy promo code after downloaded. Have 7 days to order to receive my reward…think it was 4800,might have been a little more. I ordered when they offered free delivery, although the food was overpriced by a couple dollars as well as 15% tip. My reward appeared after the food was delivered. The food was good, I didnt have to pick it up, and got some runes for it.

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Wouldn’t pay for an offer but… cool.

Tapjoy support refused to reward me the 535 runes I worked for in Rise of Kingdoms, on the grounds of my account in RoK being marked as Google and not Tapjoy as per Lilith’s terms. Don’t know how this happened. Probably my linking my account to Google so I don’t lose progress if something happens? Grrrrrr

They gave me the same reply for the Jackpot Slot game. Basically, they said the client doesn’t want to accept it and so they cannot pay me the runes although I did eveything as instructed and provided proof. And then they added a paragraph about VPNs and ID resets in order to do offers more than once. Pretty insulting! Who in their right mind would do an offer twice if they haven’t been paid for it the first time? Headshaking

…and it might have been someone else using the VPN you get blamed for anyway! I feel like they’re not really smart in there.

Question, I have installed the Afk Arena game. It tells me to register a new account. But where do I have to register ? I linked my account to Facebook. Was it a mistake and does it mean that I am registered ?