Tapjoy suspension


Was purchasing offers with valid info and real cc, without any cancellations. Now my tapjoy account is suspended without any info.


Had the same, gave up in the end. Done none since but now let’s me back in to do offers. No reason given and nothing I had done to raise any suspicion. Saved them a payout I suppose


How long did it take? I feel like they’re doing it on purpose just so i cant get the legendary box without paying them directly. This game is so money grubbing. Pay2win is all that matters


I notice that tapjoy puts the “failed” tag on offers thatbyou actually complete and puts the “pending” tag on offers you never bothered to complete.

Tapjoy didn’t pay me on 2 other offers. I submitted a ticket and received an automated message saying to give them time to review. Then I get an another automated message saying my tickets have be automatically closed because I haven’t responded in 72 hours… ummm, what? You just asked me to give you time.

So they said reponding to that email would reopen the ticket but its been over a week sinve and no reply.

Shady business practices.


Just to interject, Tapjoy and Ludia are two different companies, and Tapjoy could care less what you’d do with this digital currency. IMO Ludia should just drop Tapjoy on the whole; it seems finicky as hell, downright shady at times, and problematic for a large number of us who try it.


I agree they should drop tapjoy. I refuse to do another off after I see how they work.

Its less of a hassle to just buy cash from Jurassic Park instead.

Would like to see another way for players to earn cash without buying it though.


Less hassle but 50bucks for a dinosaur is ludicrous. At least when tapjoy works, you’d get a better dollar to dino cash ratio. Personally would just like pay2win removed completely.


Without another viable income-producing alternative, this game will be a short-lived sojourn into dino-hunting, and I’m enjoying it enough that I’d be sad if it shut down so soon.


Tapjoy took a couple of days to get back to me, but once I provided the information they requested I got my $300+ cash reward for playing Coin Drop to level 25. My problem was resolved immediately. Make sure to hook to your Google Play account to get credits, mine became unconnected and could not get credit.