How is the grind coming along? I have 17k tarbo dna and need another 17k to hit 20, beyond that it is probably 2k a pop… Hopefully it becomes a grindable global/local spawn haha. Kind of like the old Apato which was a park spawn atm heh not too easy to find.

Tapped out at level 18

Hit a strip off an interstate with a high density of restaurants…

My tarbosaurus is still level 8 lol :rofl:

Is this enough?
I’m not good at keeping track of how much dna levels and fuses cost lol

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Mine was already sitting at 19 cause I was sure it was safe to use him for exp cause they wouldn’t make him into a rare hybrid


Mines been 20 for ages. Ive only got like 4k dna havent bothered grinding it yet. Will start later. Got 80k deino dna when they announced dilorach last update in like 4 days. Hopefully can do the same for tarbo when i get to it

That’ll leave you with 45k to play with, or about 22 fusions for the unique once you hit 20.


Best way for grinding my :t_rex: DNA might be finding a shopping street with lots of restaurants.
That means lots of rexy type nest in JWA.
I got about 80% Tarbo DNA from these nests.

But they add Tarbo into arena reward DNA list.
So it will be easier to save Tarbo DNA in ver.1.5.


Parks and restaurants are usually tarbos anyway the grind will be much harder than deinocheirus or v raptors xd

MIne was already L19 with 20,000 waiting to be used

You are awesome lol.
Thanks :+1:t2:

Do they spawn at night as well? Do they spawn at a higher rate at night?

I have 25K tarbo Dna thanks for having a restaurant near home that gave me also like 5k rex gen 2 DNA

I sure hope it only takes 50 allosino, got him to a 20 with 354 extra, thankfully plenty of tarbo. Both are ready to fuse. Exciting moments lol!

I get a little tarbo dna every morning when we are at the stoplight by McDonald’s :rofl: He likes his cheeseburgers!

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