Tarbo has me on the struggle bus with a flat tire

Cant play much at night, (other then content I can do from home like arena and guild stuff). It’s never in incubators, scents dont help, requesting doesnt help that much and its dino of the day once a year or so.

Had the same problem with veloci for awhile, but even though veloci is also night only, there were 1000x more opportunities to get veloci dna durring the day.

Im pretty much stuck with nest spawns for tarbo, and that really sucks. Any chance of a Tarbo only scent like raptors got recently? That raptor scent was most helpful for those of us who cant get out at night. :wink:

I’ve seen a few out today, I swear them and Darcorex gen 2 are the hardest to darts. Seems like a big hit box but turns out to be a lot of deflected! Good luck, I’m only up to level 17.

Honestly, targeting an area with a strip of its nest spawns can be very productive in general…a place with a strip of resturaunts if theres one near you… resturant nest spawns got significantly better with this update. Particularly if its one off an interstate with a few gas stations to boot to try for a chance at sino as well.

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Right on man, every little bit helps when its 2k dna per fuse.

On a side note, just found a Barry in broad daylight. Thats good news for me unless it was also a nest.

Yeah bary was moved to anytime spawn.