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Tarbo hunting

I’m not having much luck at night lately and found 3 mid day in zone 4. Any thoughts on where and when to go? Thanks!

During the day the only place I can get them is in shopping plazas with lots of fast food restaurants.
They seem to REALLY love Little Ceasers Pizza and Popeye’s fried chicken.
They are most certainly foodies.


I was by a few restaurants, that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

When the app goes dark the Tarbo’s will come out. You have to go out in the evening and at night to get them They are like velociraptors now

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They are global night/dawn/dusk spawns. And restaurants at anytime.

I was finding them pretty often at night and haven’t had any luck for about a week.

I should have peeked at the spawn mechanics first, I appreciate the help though!

Just check restaurants. They spawn around my house all day due to them


Yeah restaurants seem to be the hotspot. My problem is I’m awful at shooting the darn things! I dunno what it is about them, maybe I expect them to speed up after a couple shots and they never do. I shoot T-rex better than Tarbo :crazy_face:


Agreed! Green mohawk walks like he has been drinking!


I see them all the time around Sushi bars, KFC and any Burger and BBQ places.

Luckily, I am drawn towards the same lure :joy:

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Maybe they are even more plentiful at sports bars, food and drinks!

You hunt them, and I’ll request them in alliance. Sounds great! :joy:

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It is a global night spawn. Unfortunately the current featured dino is also a common so it is taking away from tarbo spawn chance.