Tarbognathus is far to good for this tournament

I hope it’s not just me and my luck, but Tarbognathus is far so good in this tournament. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cunning, a resilent or a fierce, Trabognathus will crush them. I did a few 3-0 with this creature in the tournament, so let me know, am I the only one that experienced this?

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Just you, my got crushed before it got a attack off. Mostly tho cuz i testing its usuage. I didn’t have trouble taking a few down.


all depends on who you face i took one down with the marty feldman flock and another flock as well that thing is a monster :stuck_out_tongue: mind you…i suck and hate flocks soooo

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Just throw dodge and distract at it. Ankylodactylus and Coelhaast are good counters, maybe even Rinchicyon. Ankylodactylus seems like the main flock threat, I’ve destroyed several teams with it. I think Tarbognathus’ swap in is bugged as well, it doesn’t heal at all.


Eh I wouldn’t say far too good when fukui and thynyx are allowed to exist. Defo needs a nerf though. The amount of damage it can do is dumb. It’s a flock which beats most flock counters pretty cool

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Obliterated taco with coelhaast, plus Dilo-boa can just double distract

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Coelhaast, Ankylomoloch, Diplov, Tsintamoth, … Tarbo has many counters in this format.

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Only two of those are relevant. Tarbog can easily swap out on ankm after taking away half of it’s hp too. I wouldn’t call ankmoloch a reliable counter since it also needs to have group impact up which it uses quite often to revenge kill

Dogers like coel and argy do pretty well against tarbo. Good tanks with group attacks usually take it out as well but maybe it’s allert move shouldn’t always revive