Tarbognathus rework needed

This creature needs a rework it’s ridiculously too OP. When you have the good counter it only dodge, cleanse and leave. And it rekt almost everything else lol


ITs not OP compared to rexy or 2.15 ref. Just because it destroyed your team dosent mean its OP


It’s OP for a legendary though

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I don’t usually like crying nerf but Tarbognathus needs a slight toning down maybe 200 less attack and a compensatory health buff

I didn’t have much problems taking it down during the skill tournament.
The only nerf I would give it is make the strike not a priority since it does so much damage.

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Thank you for your constructive comment. It’s not because I lost it’s just a fact. I’m at 6000+ and now almost every team has it because it’s too OP.
It breaks many many old uniques and new. It can dodge group attack, it can heal, avoid remplacement, cleanse and doge if bad counter for him and just leave. So it’s OP for a legendary definitely.
Anyway flocks that deals more dmg than a single creature is broken. Especially with all the sides effects possible.

Rexy is an other problem and didn’t say it was balanced :wink:

I been up in the range, and i dont see it as nearly as much as you do.

Yeah, no, Tarbog is… really good. Any creature with a high attack stat is going to benefit immensely from priority and heals, and the Gremlins take that up all the notches.

Tarrbognathus can be damage and speed reduced so it is not OP. It is useful against armored and shield creatures. It can be pretty easily countered when you come up against a noodle that slows or anything that reduces damage. The only cleanse is a non-damaging dodge.

It’s resistant to deceleration though and if you speed boost it it can still be faster

Don’t worry, it’s already slightly getting powercrept :roll_eyes:

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nope,its fine,just distract it and it will so much less damage,I also use but honestly it doesn’t need a Nerf

if any flocks needs a Nerf it is the new unqiue dodo hybrid because of a turn one rending takedown

It’s not really that strong. It has plenty of counters in its own rarity as well as outside it. I can literally name 6 legendaries that are meta and destroy it. Chaast, ankym as long as they don’t crit, rexy, fukui, lystrosuchus, thynyx as long as you dodge, and even something like dreadac

In the arena you add in stuff like ardonthog, thops, ace, andrew, ref, ankylos, skoona, etc

Its a filler in legendary tournaments and only good because its solid vs (some)apex not uniques. Its a good closer and welcomes boosts as it only need 2. But to call it OP is well over the top when its not a mainstay on teams, just acts as a filler role. Theres better revenge killers. Theres better flocks, theres better fierce. Hell theres over 8 creatures better than it. Its one of the few creatures that can actually take down multiple, actual over the top dinos. And you want it nerfed :rofl:

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I think it needs rebalancing
More health but less attack

You keep saying more health??? You know it’s a flock do you? And you know that health on flocks is basically irrelevant (worst case, most group attack bring it down to one and slow it down for an easy kill)? I also agree with others, it doesn’t need a nerf! Heck, there’s probably 20 dinos that would deserve one before this one (And I hate flocks!). I guess it’s a problem in the lower arena levels? But later on, it’s not.

Its a good dino. And counters some top tier threats. But like you said. Other dinos need nerfed way before gnathus does. Lol

U do know it’s a flock right?how will it benefit from health,if anything needs less attack it’s paratops which u claim is balanced

Not even, the lower arenas are infested with rexy and thor now which absolutely maul tarbog. Other good dinos like megalot, teryx, chaast, scorp g1 & g2, even the epic compies destroy it

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