I have no idea what you guys were thinking with this creature, other than to upset the player base.

Everyone has been crying out that flocks in tournament’s are way to op, now this monstrosity has been added to the legendary group. Coelhaast is a pure beast as it is, but thankfully some group attacks were added and shields could take some of the sting out of his attacks whilst armour kept his other attacks down whilst chipping away at it, but now the flock counters are screwed by this thing, huge hitting power with 2 armour piercing attacks that break shields, 1 which heals and distracts, not to mention it’s 95% crit rate (it says 30 but its not), it can cleanse any negative effects out on it, priority move which is precise so to bring it down with another cunning your going to be lucky, you can’t even swap your tank out without taking a huge hit, although I’m unsure what you’d swap out too that would be viable other than another flock, see where I’m going with this? Flock vs flock vs flock.

Giving chompers group attack is useless too, distraction and dodge render them pointless.

Flocks have no business with back to back attacks that break shields and armour full stop, let alone the damage output and crit rate these have, especially with the attack a resilient has it doesn’t even kill a flock member per hit in the boosted world, either tone it down or get it out of the legendary tournaments by giving it apex status, Jurassic flocks has been born and we hate it.


Ludia: What you said is true! we will check that.

The next day:

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Strange how a level 22 tarbo flock can bring down a level 30 fully boosted Ankylo. Just happened.

They are that OP everyone is using them in upper shores, I can’t remember the last legendary that muscled it’s way into upper shores.

Sort them out please

Tarbo is fine,honeslty speaking its lack of distract resistance makers up for it being able to break shields,besides its easy to counter with sny thing with distract

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Something that can break shields should be ankylo,besides. Which one r u talking about?