Tarbosaurus for Daily Mission reward please

I know there are a lot of people wanting Thor in their top 8 and it is a hassle to level the Tarbosaurus to a level 20 in order to create Thor. Please make this happen.

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No. Thank you. Thor is probably the easiest unique to create in the game.

Go out at night and hunt tarbosaurus.


Use your 50 bucks a day to buy the common scents five pack and go for a walk each night and use them. It will help you stock up.


No. 101010.


They would have to double the rewards that you normally get since its a tarbo is a common, but other than that its a good idea… partly…, and only if Ludia is willing to give away tarbo just like that…and plus, imagine thors runnin on arenas as low as lockdown…

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Lockdown theyd be in Arcadia… those guys in arcadia already have lvl 20 sinos.


I do go hunt at night, just not always a good thing when a bunch of college kids are on the road. Seems more of a chance to get hit by a car.

So now make it nearly impossible for the lower levels to get Thor. You know the ones that play honestly and do not spoof, drop, or exploit. Gotcha

I am sorry I am on a fixed income, so spending ACTUAL money to get JWA bucks is not a high priority in my life.

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You get over 50 for free per day from spinning drops, incubators, alliance missions, etc.

Kind of hard to in alliance when no one will part with the DNA for Tarbosaurus. I get lucky with maybe getting 20 DNA for Tarbo every time.

He ment alliance missions when completed give you hard cash… use hard cash for common scents like tarbo… resturants are a good place you can get tarbo any time … go to a fast food place… get a coffee… run some scents… or walk around the parking lot.

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Tarbo is tough in any alliance until a couple in there get it to 30. But the free green bucks and walking at night with scents bought from them is a good way to get some. It’s still a grind but it’s part of the game.

Nope. No thanks. And no please no.


Im down for Raja as the daily DNA. Any common seems highly pointless


I was addressing another complication. Sorry for going off topic

You dont even have to go at night find a stretch of resturants during the day and run the same common scents and stock up on allo for fuses… and with spino g2 and rex also nest spawns for resturants you might get a added bonus.

I live in Zone 3 where the only common and more frequent dinosaur is Diplocaulus. Ever so often I will see a different dinosaur in the wild.

I hear yeah, i pop open a scent only to find most of it filled with diplocaulus. Sometines I wonder if diplo has a more spawn rate than the other commons in L3


daily? no.
alliance missions in place of majunga? yes.