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Tarbosaurus for Daily Mission reward please

I literally have over 14,000 DNA for Diplocaulus. It is getting old

Why? Theyre everywhere. Just grind and go get them like everyone else? That would be such a down grade… No Thankyou.


How long have you been playing JWA?

Was wondering the same. Because 14k is nothing tbh

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If they stray away from epic DNA for the daily mission reward, it better be Irritator or Bary g2. Otherwise, keep it epic. I still think they should let us choose which epic we want every day so we can get the most out of it.


So these are all the Thor components:
Sinosaurus - now L3 + Weekly missions + Events
Allosaurus - L3 + Restaurants + Events
Allosinosaurus - Legendary
Tarbosaurus Global + Restaurants + Events
Thor = Hungry dino that wishes to eat a lot of other dinos at restaurants.

Been playing for a long time. I estimate 1 year

I will try hitting up restaurants then

But here is the thing, if people get the right to choose then it would be one sided and would not be fair for others to be stuck with a dinosaur that they have no use for. I say they should do a Twitter poll for the next dinosaur so that people can vote on it. The one with most votes gets picked

No poll… we will end up with charlie for a month.


Kind of like we are stuck with Erlikosaurus when no one has enough DNA for Irlodominous. Kind of frivolous and pointless I might add

We would not get stuck with Charlie for a month because he is not very useful

Plenty of people have erlidominus.

If you have a restaurant district like I do by me, it’s great to walk it at night with scents and stock up. When Draco became a thing I focused on Thor every night and over levelled it (currently l29, 260dna left to 30). It’s definitely obtainable if you’re willing to grind.


Erli dna is extremly valuable even if you cant use it today.

And saying we wont get charlie i refer you to the scent of claws for the kind of garbage that gets choosen by polls.

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Grypo :raised_hand:


I say a small percentage do not. Especially when Epic T Rex is so elusive that the ability to level Indom to level 20 is pretty slim to none. But then again if you have VIP then the chances seem to get better I suppose

Gen 2 rex isn’t even used in creating Indom…

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No at all. VIP doesn’t do any good. You just need to grind more, get on a bus or a car and go around your City

This isn’t a good idea. You can grind it out. It’s tough, but it’s possible. If they would give Tarbo for daily reward, then 145+ speed, 1800+ damage Thors would be crushing teams in arenas lower than Lockwood.