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Tarbosaurus is coming to a store near you

You can also see our allosaurus gen 2 & nasutoceratops.


*Boosts sold separately.


40% chance of injury


Would be cool as a Tarbo gen 2

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I just don’t like the red jaw. The rest looks nice. Their known to make some stupid colors on these. Then they may do a repaint later to make more money and make it cooler looking lol

Ohh looks pretty neat, but I’m not a fan of the red as well. Have you seen the new Indominus Rex, @Phil? I think it’s made by the same company. :thinking:

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I wonder why they picked to make Tarbosaurus?

I’m surprised it’s Indom gray instead of green

But did anyone else read the comments? Feels just like home over there…

Oh yeah. I bought it a few weeks ago. My dog is terrified of the roar. It’s hilarious.

image image

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Mattel has made a lot of dinos. They’ve made the ones from the movies and they’ve made lots not in the movies too. Some are in this game but not the same colors.

Monolophosaurus, tarbosaurus, and Quetz. They’re making that sarcosuchus. They also have toys of dinos not in this game like albertosaurus.

Then of course they have the allo gen 2 same colors as the leaked one from this game and the triceratops thing.

These Jurassic toys are legit from Mattel. Waaaay better than the ones hasbro made in 2015 for Jurassic world with all the screw holes on the box side.

Check their toy line out.

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