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Tarbosaurus Niche


The Tarbosaurus is only Common rarity, but compared to other large carnivores like Gorgosaurus, Tarbosaurus has a remarkable crit rate at 40% while having decent HP and power for its rarity. Is it worth using over other dinosaurs for its crits and anti-armor Skills?

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Waiting for @Tarbosaurus to comment


If you can’t get T-Rex or allosauraus he’s okay, but no hybrids as of yet, so not worth coins in the long run.


Also never actually noticed it has a 40% crit chance, wow


Never noticed that 40% either. Especially with game tips mentioning Allosaurus crit chances instead.


I’ve thought about how much of a beast a highly leveled Tarbo would be ever since I started playing this game. My Allo started taking off a lot faster so I’ve focused on it, but would love to find out how Tarbosaurus stacks up at high levels compared to the other big chompers.


Try playing him in friendly battles. Any time I’ve used commons at lvl 26 they’re still not very impressive.

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Got it. If only he had a crit boosting Strike or something like that. Then the fun could really begin!


(But don’t take my word for it, he’s still really pretty, and I dart him every time I see him, though I’ll likely never use that DNA. :rofl: )


Levelled mine to 19 and it was impressive for a while but my team has moved on and I wish I could get the coin back. That said if coins weren’t an issue I would continue to level it and throw it in every now and again; DNA isn’t as common as it once was.

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the number of times i’ve taken three straight 5% critical hits, i wouldn’t put any faith in any advertised crit rate


Ty, that’s good advice. I haven’t started playing friendly matches yet but plan to soon.


Tarbo was my first real heavy hitter in Battles. I used him all the way up to the Jungle arena before he got replaced. I like him a lot and I still collect the DNA, though I no longer spend the coin to level him. He has no hybrid yet so there’s not much point right now.


This is why i continue to level Tarbo as much as possible. It’s only 23 now but if i can get it a few more levels it could be a staple to my team.


What does your 23 Tarbo do, damage wise?


1383 base attack, so 1.5 for the impact, then criticals on top. I like him (and allo) because theyre faster than Trex.


That’s INSANE damage for a common dino!

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I used t rex, allo and tarbo together for awhile until the stunning dinos became more frequent. Dang that’s frustrating… i did level my tarbo to a 17, but after all the coins he is benched and probably will keep that seat warm til the end. Distracting moves really hurt the big guy too.

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Now THERES an idea. Give Tarbo the ability to cleanse. His popularity would skyrocket!


Cleansing Strike and Critical Impact.