Tarbosaurus underated

Its surprising that i dont see more people using the Tarb. 40% critical chance is the highest in the game that i’ve found, very high health and hit points.

is it because theyre arent any Hybrids off it that it doesn’t get used more? he’s a solid regular in my team

Might because I am a local spawn all these time, so not really easy to farm.

And on the other hand, Allosaurus got totally the same move set, but more common in wild, also get better stats.
(Higher atk & hp, only lost in critical chance)
So if anyone want to over-level a low cost anti-tank, they might tend to use Allo, not me.:t_rex:


Lol… You are just being humble stating Allo is better than yourself :slight_smile:

Honestly, higher stats is more stable, but that 40% give me a more RNG based damage output.

Even though I said Allo is more easier for someone who need a over-leveled tank counter, I’ll still save DNA & power up myself, not Allo. That’s my own favorite.:t_rex:

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I hate when i put out my t-rex only to be met by an allosaurus/tarbo.

i really hope they add a fusion for Tarbo. its my favorite dinosaur in the game, but i dont use it on my team.

That Lv 24 Tarb is unreal! :scream:

And I agree it is underrated, allo too. I get paired with a guy using a lv26 allo very often and it really is a force to be reckoned with!


Same thinking here. Regret not loading up on Tarbo early in the game before I realized the importance of crits. I encounter high level Allos way more often cause everyone needs him for fusing. Trying to catch up on Tarbo now. That 40% crit definitely has a place on my team.

Probably biggest thing is that they have only 2 attack, so its very situational.

they should give Tarbosaurus a better moveset.

I bet this topic is getting closed for necro-posting.


In before the topic closes.


I have arrived for the shut down.


My Tarbo will have something to say in this Titanoboa tourney heh.

Ophiacodon: Am I a joke to you?


Tarbossurus is very good but once you get Thoradolossur there is no need to go back usually.