Tarbosaurus VIP Tournament - 12/18/2020 - 12/21/2020

The first ever tournament featuring tarbosaur.


The card pack seems watered down compared to other vip exclusive packs.

Good luck to everyone looking to score this beauty! :+1:


Gl to u if you are a VIP


Even if you win the creature in this tournament, you can’t get it for additional purchases, right?


That is correct, vip creatures cant be unlocked


That’s a shame. Well, at least I’ll still participate since I’m now stuck on that Code 19 mission story wise.

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@Keith or @Daven is the non 50k typical VIP pack resources intentional? Typically VIP tournaments have the same resources as a normal 50k pack or they have two creatures in them?

Just asking now so if it’s an oversight it can be fixed in time.


can you provide more details so I can pass it onto the team. Are you talking about the Metoposaurus pack?


The metroposaurus pack is all good:

The pack for the VIP tournament is the one in question:

Typically the resource cards are the same as a 50k pack, but it appears they have been reduced to a standard tournament pack resources.


Resources are updated now for the Tabosaurus tournament


Thanks @Keith can see this now.

And thanks @Sionsith as the saying goes if you dont ask you dont get :joy:


So the F2P’s have a break this weekend? I’ll take that.


I have seen earlier in the afternoon that it was like the way before. But after the code red activation including mini update, we found out it has changed. May I ask why did you guys need to lower them down? @Sionsith is a hundred percent right being curious on this one as the rest of us all VIPs. Is there any reasonable thought behind that, might wanna share it with us too? @Keith


Sorry but that is not an answer, it is the declaration of a thing which is already obvious. Like restatement shall we say.

Here is my guess (completely fictional)

Conversation at Ludia:
Bob: Did you setup the tournament for this weekend?
Carl: The one with the new VIP creature eh?
Bob: Yup that one.
Carl: of course I did eh.

I send question to Keith, Keith then sends question to Ludia, that question gets to Bob at Ludia…

Bob: how did you set up the tournament Carl?
Carl: I grabbed the last pack we used and put the creature in what’s the big deal eh?
Bob: Carl, this is a VIP tournament you need to grab the right VIP pack set, go fix it please.
Carl: Oooooooo my bad.

Some names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Lol probably

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Lol (in a sad way), tears shed. Let’s move on (in a sad way, as always).

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How is everyone doing at the tournament?

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Havent had a chance to tackle it as of yet, been quite busy, will post data in the evening


The results of my morning tourney run. Will do a bit more in the evening


I have done 729 in a single run, quite an improvement right? With the joining of s-hybrids, my line up became even deeper. Potential connection errors still keep me on the thin ice but anyways, struggling my way out. Also in search for a Tarbo pack as an early gift. So appreciated if some of us get it and share with us. To see if there is a real chance of getting a second copy. Fun fact, todays gift of Ludia made me earn another Monostegotops which I was lacking just the exact amount. Nowadays moded is a far option that I am stockpiling some bucks, so I am quite happy.