Tarbosaurus vs Therizinosaurus

Yeah, so basically this is a PvP battle between a boosted Tarbo and a sneak peek look at Therizino that Ludia had decided to release to prominent YouTube streamers.

Aside from the intro, the PvP sequence was then animated and placed into form.

Boosts for the Tarbo seem to be heavily HP favored, then attack and finally 1 point in speed.

(Joking, (ATTENTION EDITING it has been bright to my attention that this scene was from Tarbosaurus the Mightiest Ever! Thank y’all for correcting me on this) & Therizino has since been regulated to herbivore status. Other than that, the sequence screams PvP. I wonder why the Therizino player never opted for cunning rampage though? It’s cool down conditions should have been satisfied :thinking:)


No not tarbosaurus the mightiest ever ;-;


It’s from Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest. Jurassic Fight Club doesn’t have an episode dedicated to these two and I’m glad it doesn’t.


Got y’all, enditing and fixing. Thanks

Edit: in hindsight, the title is right above the link… I have no excuses :joy::joy::joy: