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Targeting bug

Unless I’m mistaken, Shevarith should be able to target the Spectre here because the Animated Armor is out of range, and yet the image clearly shows that her attack is unavailable.

Common behavior the challenges have many bugs nothing getting about the issues we having all you can do is skip turn.

Hey jpblum, the attacks for Shevarith were not available during that turn. However, Shevarith could still “Move” to a different space for that turn.

Looks like Shevarith was either disarmed or using a weapon with 2 space range.

Spectres have stealth, which is probably causing the bug. If I understand correctly, jp mentions the animated armor is out of range because he believes that should make the spectre targetable. I don’t know enough about stealth mechanics to know if that’s true or not.

I’ve had similar problems though. Normally I just assume it’s something I don’t understand with the rules, but this happened to me on e with taunt on Raika. I tap on her to cast and nothing happens. I tap on the rest of the screen and other characters will say “invalid target” but nothing when tapping on Raika. Is there any circumstance a character wouldn’t be able to self-cast taunt, an ability that is self-cast only?

It used to work in this way:
Wizard with only 2 range attack would be able to hit the spectre even if there are targets in the last row (out of range of shevarith) because stealth was working as: cannot be targetted unless no one else in range of the attacker was available for hits.

Since update 9 was released ;
They either changed or bugged it and no solution / info was given about it.

Stealth now work like this for ranger class:
If ANYONE is ANYWHERE on the battlefield, even if not in range of your character, are alive, they need to die first before you can attack them.
This restriction doesn’t exist for melee. If a specter is in row 2, and a orc in row 3, tommy (in row 1) can hit the specter even if the orc lives.
But for ranger, it’s a pain in the ***.

This problem has been pointed to the dev team; no acknowledgement from them, and no fixing it.

For your targetting issue with your barbarien taunt, this is a bug that happens here and there for now over 4-5 updates (1 year) and no fixing has been probvided…
It sucks, but you need to skip or do another skill even if the taunt was the best solution right now…

This bug also appears for bards with range 2 attacks.

Weirdly, it’s fine for the mage’s range 2 aoe disarm attack. That disarm attack is also buggy because it’s treated as a Melee attack when attacking rust monsters for example.

But why were they unavailable? She wasn’t disabled, and there was no other target in range…

I believe because the enemy had stealth active. However, if you have concerns, our team could take a closer look at this on their end if you reach out to them at with your support key.

If I were to wager a guess, it’s that the mage’s weapon may upgrade to be a range 3 attack once you get it high enough. You’d have to ask @Chocodz who has the upgraded versions to confirm.

If it calculates targetability in a bad order it may create this effect. The non-invisible/taunt minion would make the invisible/nontaunt enemy ineligible for ranged targeting. Then the range 2 makes the range 3 non-invisible/taunt minion ineligible as a target, resulting in the bug you see. This calculation is different from Melee, which will allow you to target range 1 enemies if there’s no taunt or noninvisibility enemies in Melee range.

This would also explain why the mage’s range aoe disarm effect isn’t affected by this bug but does trigger Melee reaction debuffs. It starts off as a range 1 attack and the game treats it as a Melee attack.

This is just my educated guess at what’s causing your bug.

That makes no sense. I thought Stealth meant the character can only be targeted if no other targets are available. Since the attack has range 2, no other targets are available, so why can’t I target the Specter? I’ve absolutely had other encounters where I’ve targeted a stealthed character because it was the only enemy in range but not the only enemy period.

:thinking: From my understanding, Shevarith will be able to attack if she has no other moves available. However, as she still has the option to “move”, it prevented her from attacking.

I agree with you that it’s a bug and I’m not saying it’s how it should work. I’m identifying where the bug may show up in the code to explain the odd targeting we see.


Shevarith OR the archer, on row 1, spectres on row 2 and a skeletal archer on row 4 will still prevent her/him from attacking untill the archer on row 4 is dead.

I’ve had times that i had to heal and wait for cd or that the enemy moves so that i could finish the row 2 spectres. OR use a melee attack, because melee’s don’t have the same restrictions.

If you have a screenshot, our team could definitely take a closer look into this and investigate further, @deathmessia.

If you haven’t already, please do not hesitate to contact our support team through the email address provided above. Thanks!