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Targeting crosshairs


So, these are basically for show now, right? Since the dart generally goes nowhere NEAR what they are on when you lift your finger.

This new system makes me feel like I’m darting drunk.


I have to admit I do find it harder to get direct hits now, even on the initial stationary shot. The dart doesn’t seem as accurate anymore.


If you look carefully, you’ll notice the dart actually CURVES now. Seriously.

(I’m guessing this is how those players got increased DNA scores)

I’m guessing this was done to make up for the increased sluggishness of the darting. Problem is that it doesn’t work because the dart curves towards where the creature was when the dart was shot, not where the creature would currently be when the dart is flying in mid air. This causes otherwise direct hits to miss the target or sometimes the entire creature.

Also, pre 1.6 darts did curve, but not to this extent…


Seriously people … welcome to dart - NOPIA as in no way are we going to be
able dart dino’s properly from now on… period… pre V1.7 the darting of dino’s
was good post V1.7 it is now little more than total crap… trying to dart a dino
now is like tossing a feather into an oncoming hurricane blasting straight at you
at over 200 miles an hour basically you have a snowballs chance in hell of ever
getting those 200 plus dino dna hits ever again unless LUDIA does something
real quick to fix the darting problem in the game, if not players are going to drop
this game faster than a red hot potato fresh from the oven !


I don’t like watching my darts go off in random directions, from a slow and tight “drone”.

I want my drone to act like a… well, a fracking DRONE, fast and loose.