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Taunt Blue Circle is so annoying

That blue circle around the taunting dinosaurs (still unclear why “taunt”) is so unnecessary and childish. Why did they add this? I can’t even see the dinosaur. Get rid of it!

I feel a lot of the “balancing” in this update is ridiculous and many new attacks appears to only be useful in the raids. The taunts will for example make the raid boss only attack your dinosaur. But in 1v1 it’s useless. Still the animation plays. It’s sad that the number of useful creatures got really limited in this update.


At least the taunt moves actually do something besides taunting. Poor hadrosaurs with heals. And it still confuses me why Thor had group shattering impact replace defense shattering rampage instead of impact. Literally nothing would have changed in singles if they did that.

And yeah, the blue circle effect seems a cut below the other graphics in the game. Looks weird, but imo the devs have bigger problems they should be worrying about…

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Thor was another victim of the multiplayer crap😔

What will happen if the dinosaurus taunt?