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Taunt Counter Attack for Five Rounds?

What combination of items gives taunt and counter attack for five rounds? I want it!!

Tommus moves up - gains action ( Fox Paws) Uses Haversack for Taunt and Counter Attack

  1. Attack with Priest - He has taunt
  2. Attack with Lock - Taunt
  3. Attack with Bard - Taunt (Resit dom)
  4. Attack with Pally - Taunt
    5 Attack with Priest - Taunt

Round 6 No more Taunt but still Counter Attack. I assume he was using Warriors Helmet too? But I still can’t figure Taunt and CA for that duration all at once. Suggestions??

Edit – This is what I get when PVP works. Fighter moves up - healed by priest each turn - Have to attack him and die by counter attacks. What fun!

Depending on gear and level he could have the legendary trinket that gives him counter attack at least 80% of time when he is hit. Maybe 100% if maxed.


Did not know that there was trinket.

The epic helmet gives 5 rounds of Counter at level 7.