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Taunt doesn't taunt?

So I was doing an Indominus raid, and used a move that had the taunt effect. Indominus Rex (who has no resistance to taunt) used Random Armor Piercing Impact, and ended up attacking my non-taunting teammate. I was a bit confused: doesn’t taunting mean the opponent has to attack you?

Now I think that’s the intended interaction, which is why this isn’t a bug report, but I’m here to argue that it shouldn’t be. I understand that the whole point of random attacks is that they could attack anyone. But isn’t the whole point of taunt to remove this randomness, and force your opponent to attack you no matter what? If it does this for every other kind of attack targeting, why doesn’t it work for random targeting?

Tldr: taunt should also force opponents using “random” attacks to attack you as well.


I stopped counting how many times Gorgotrebax ignored taunt on random moves that don’t seem to have the “ignore taunt” description.


actually i understand your point. but for selfish reasons i’m going to say no.

people plan around the random move and rely on a bit of RNG to go in their favor. i remember doing trebax and hoping to the RNG lords that a specific creature wasn’t targeted, which just happened to be our taunter, because we aren’t able to heal it immediately.

could we work around it if taunt affected random moves? probably. but if that makes already difficult and annoying raids that much more of a problem, i’m not gonna be happy about it.

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I see what you’re saying, but I still think it goes against the whole point of having a move that directs all damage to it’s user. You definitely can get some lucky breaks with the RNG, but reducing randomness would still let you plan around these situations, even if it made raids more challenging. Then again, as often as the boss randomly targets a safe dino, they’ll also randomly target another weak dino that wasn’t taunting anyway. So just as the RNG on random moves helps as often as it hurts, so too would removing this RNG with taunt. But at the very least you could actually plan around a specific outcome now.

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personally, i don’t have any dislike of the idea. can relatively easily rework a strat at this point.
but for those to really use RNG to get through a raid, i can see them not liking it if it was changed.

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The exception to the forced-targeting are On Escape abilities, Counter Attack abilities, Random targeting, and Area of Effect targeting. Those may hit a non-taunting creature as expected for their game mechanic.

From the 2.0 release notes

I know it’s expected, I’m just saying it shouldn’t be, at least for random targeting. The others make sense: you attack the creature that attacked you, the creature that’s swapping out, or the entire enemy team. It would be weird if taunt affected any of those. But I feel like random effects should attack a random opponent UNLESS someone is taunting, which directs all attacks to them.


Isn’t that the point of random though? So you can’t put up something like instant invincibility Taunt and get rid of the damage

I’d argue it should be the opposite - random attacks should attack randomly, unless there’s a reason not to (i.e. taunt). Random attacks already have a thing, where they don’t target anyone based on their attack, speed, heth, buffs, etc. There’s no reason taunt can’t override that. Taunt causes all other kinds of attack to target the taunt user, so why should random attacks be any different?


that’s why it ignores taunt, it’s random, I guess it’s a kind of counter to Taunt

Aren’t fierce and defense shattering attacks enough of a counter for taunt? Taunt has ways to be removed (fierce attacks) or ignored (taunt immunity). Random attacks, on the other hand, cannot be influenced in any way. If anything, taunt should be a counter for them.

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