Team Advice (2nd Atemp)

Hi there everyone.

I’m looking forward some advice on my lineup. It took me all the way to the Mansion (41xx) but this weekend pulled me to near 35xx. I admit I’ve misplayed here and there but, generaly, the games are almost even 'till the end.

Every constructive advice will be apreciated.

Thank you.



My biggest advice to you is to focus on one hybrid line instead of two. You are running both sino hybrids, while both good it limits their levels. Better to go for utahrinex or thor depending on team need. I prefer utahrinex. Same thing with monostep and stegoceratops, choose one to level not both. Your team is not bad, just need to level up dinosaurs.

Your team looks fine. I can’t really tell you to take any of your dinos off your team cause I don’t see something that would be a great replacement. Maybe take off pyritator and put in megalosuchus for its counter attack. But your team looks similar to mine. I have indoraptor instead of pyritator and megalosuchus instead of tryostronix. Other than that, we have the same team, mine is just higher levels.