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Team Advice - again

My team, currently stuck at 4100-4400.

What would benefit me most:

  1. Create Tuaramoloch (probably not)
  2. Level Trago to 20 (too low?)
  3. Level Monolometrodon to 21 (too low?)
  4. Level Utasino to 20
  5. Level Allosino to 20 and create Thor
  6. Level Draco gen 2 to 18 (too low?)
  7. Level Indo and Indom (pleny DNA, but saving up for other hybrids)
  8. Something else?

Dump I-Rex, it’s RNG is holding you back :wink:
I would choose either Utasino or Allosino, both would be a better replacement for I-Rex, depending on your playstyle.


My team is almost exactly the same

This is my team at the moment and my trophy count. Surprisingly, I have managed to remain in aviary since the tourney started.