Team advice for alt

So, I’ve had this second alt for a while, and was deciding for a team goal to go for. Before I say anything else, this team is PURELY for fun, and is not meant to make it far in this meta. Now, here’s the team.

I need help deciding a final member for the team. I was thinking dracorex g1, or maybe ornitho. What do you guys think?

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Either Allo G2,Amargoceph or Alanqa

Tried amargocephalus. Got absolutely minced. I could try alanqa when I unlock it. Allo g2 I did use, but was a bit boring for my taste

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I’m personally not a huge fan of the chompers, specifically the rex rig, so I’ll probably say no to those

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Are you opposed to using flocks?

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On this account yeah

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As much as I like how you think, I want ankylodic to be my main’s baby. It’s more special to me that way.


Tried that on the first alt. Gets murdered by everything in existence.

Not like that means anything since I’m running megalosuchus lol

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And Dakotanops and Postinetrodon

Also you could try Indom Gen 2

Acrocanthops, Enteloceros, Epic Rhino or Megalotops? :slight_smile:

He said no meta creatures


I don’t know where your at with creature levels but when I started my 2nd account, I stopped for a while with teams of level 11’s so I had lots and lots of creatures of common, rare and epic all the same team level and played in that range for a while.

Then I jumped to having level 15-16 teams where I added legendary’s and played at that level for a while. At this point you have enough to start playing themed teams.

Then I jumped up to level 20-21 creatures and played all themed teams till Apex’s got added. Once I figured out how to defeat the raids with my 2 and my wife’s 2 accounts, I’m now working on playing level 25-26 teams although there is a very slow progression as the coin cost is very high once you pass 21 but I’m getting there. So I’m trying to have teams of level 23-26, pretty close and it’s going well.

Level 20-21’s get you to low Avairy and you can bounce back and forth from the Estates depending on your teams. Level 25-26’s, unboosted have gotten me to upper Avairy but not quite into the Library.

Remain unboosted except for specific creatures for defeating raids otherwise you get funneled into a small choice of creatures to play. This is why I don’t boost my teams. I like to interchange creatures in and out all the time. Also nerf’s don’t affect me at all because I can always instantly switch out to the next best creatures. That’s another point of not boosting anything.

I have enough boosts to fully boost an entire team of 8 creatures if I ever so choose.

Depends on how you define meta…

He said it is for fun, and all the 4 are fun to play

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This is my third acc. This is just a goal team for me to slowly work toward. My main team this (except swap eremo for an indo of the same level,) and it’s in library:

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All meta imo.