Team advice for late mid/ early late game

I have indominus gen 2 and scorpius gen 2 as well, this is an old photo.

That’s early game. You haven’t even unlocked boosts or a legendary. I would swap Erliko for Sinocera.

Thanks for the feedback, but I would also like to know how I could get my player level up faster?

You need more resiliant, and to level up you have to create new creatures and fuse hybrids

Swap out 2 of the cunnings preferably not the compys for the brachio and sino

Level up everything possible

Probably keep compy

I say mono for brachi

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just dart, dart, dart. I only really got good over quarentine cuz i darted a lot with nothing to do. now i have tons of dna and no coins, but its better than no dna and no coins, more fun that way since you can level things up once to twice a week. at your level, it would be more of just whenever you get the dna. join a good alliance, it gets you a lot of dna every week and month.