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Team Advice for Top 500

Recently scraped into the Top 500 (455) with Tenonto, Tuora and Thor who have since been replaced with Tyro, Erlidom and Dracocera. Had a bit of a losing streak but heading up again now; 5000+ is definitely achievable but would like to stay in the top 500 or at least feature regularly.

I’m thinking of dropping Dracocera (so my friends talk to me again :wink:) for one of Tenonto, Magna and Thor but all could use another level. Thoughts? Ideas?


Drop Suchotator! :smile:

:roll_eyes: :unamused:

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:roll_eyes: :unamused:

Try Magna, his debuff+immunity works wonders against common unique threats! Try to swap someone for tenontorex also, his superiority strike, debuff plus dsr is lit af! 4k+ crit (1/5 chance is decent!) on rampage is serious!


Dropping Laa Laa?! Never thought id see the day! Id get Thor back in personally, with the event this weekend you should be able to bump him to 24.

Not good against much else but Tuo for me helps so much in countering diloran and spinotah.

If I can make Thor L24 then he would be my first choice; the option of instant charge for move 2 puts him ahead of Tenonto for me.

They’re both good just Thor has IC like you say and is now much easier to create. How far off Tryko are you? Definitely a game changer.

Ive dropped stegod too, too many chompers that can take him down easily.

My Ankyntro is L19 230/250 and I have a L20 Anky with lots of DNA; was thinking of using an epic scent in Local 1 to see if I can bag a Kentro and get that bad boy started.

Interesting re: Stegod; I had come to that conclusion too - mine is half way to L28 but have switched all my Stego DNA to Monostego now (definitely going to use an epic scent in Local 3); if I can get Tenonto up a level, preferable 2, then I may swap it out - Tryko could take its slot too if I get it - is it useful straight out the fusing chamber?

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Yeah that sounds like a plan. L1 is decent only really concave youll be disapointed with too. Im the opposite need that elusive anky…

Yeah I would do the same. Its not what it used to be even L30 ones arent too difficult to get past. Tento would be a good swap, we both know RG swears by it haha.

Its like most uniques at 21, not amazing but is 100% one of the better ones at that level. Im on 6 10s in a row on mine… painful.

RG got 5 Tenontos using a rare sent at dawn this morning; going to try that tomorrow

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I would drop Tryo for tenonto/Thor/Magna. At 24 in top 500 is quite low level to me. Dropped mine at 25. If you need a revenge killer you have dilorach or eventually Erlidom.
An other question: i see that you have stegocera and monostego at same level: is monostego really an upgrade now with null impact’s reduced cooldown? I think that maybe running dracoceratops a turn more of stunning by stegocera can be more synergistic with her SIA. What do you think? I like your team btw :slight_smile:

Hmmm - Tryo was on the bench but I used it in yesterday’s epic strike tower and remembered how good it was. That said having used it in battle this morning I think you could be right - the immunity is handy though; if I can get Magna up a level then I might do that swap.

Glad you like the team; so much potential on the bench too! I often start with Monostego as its slow is useful and it has the nullify - can’t see me dropping it.

How you finding Erlidom out of interest?

Glad I got it up another level; its … interesting; had a cloaked rampage crit last night and delivered 7000 damage :smile: Can’t decide if it is best used as a starter or a revenge killer - I think at its current HP its the latter.

Yeah that extra lvl definitely helps. I use it as a starter if ive got nothing else, most people use spinotah though. I actually quiet like the speedup strike, with so many dilorans about at a high lvl it gives you the chance without cloaking.

Hmmm - good point; haven’t really used the speedup strike yet

If you use it as a revenge killer your faster than everyting for the next 3 moves which ive found very useful. :slight_smile:

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