Team advice & help

Here’s my current team, which works well for me

I’m a level 13 mid marshes player and run a team of lightly boosted legendaries and epics
Other good creatures I have are a level 16 unboosted coelhaast, a level 18 unboosted dracoceratops, a level 16 unboosted tyrannolophosaur, a level 16 unboosted allosinosaurus, a level 15 unboosted Brachiosaurus a level 15 unboosted allo gen 2, and a level 16 unboosted antarctopelta
I’d like to use the coelhaast but don’t know what to switch it out for
Ones ready to level up once are the thylacotator, monolometrodon, woolly rhino, Megalotops, compy, and I can level up the bumpymoloch twice
Any team tips?

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Your team is good for where you are and I think coelhaast can replace diplo. Theres some shores-players that use coel in typical pvp so leveling coel is safe whereas diplo has a better hybrid. Overall I think you should work on getting more meta creatures (like phowrecks/skoona/scorp), Right now your team is fine, just don’t over level monolo since the m-rhino is better.

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Yeah I was thinking about replacing diplodocus because the DNA is so hard to get