Team advice please

Rajaky for alanky? Or possibly something else?

I would have raja or einia instead of alanky at that level.

Based on your team, assuming you are at around 3,700 - 3,800 trophies… Consider leveling your Allosaurus and putting it on your team, instead of the bird… People will tell you it’s a waste of coin, but it sure helped me advance…

What all do you have to work with?
Having strong dinos is one thing.
Have skilled ones with speed to go with strength is another.
I go tarbosaurus over allo any day. His fast hit is outstanding. Break shields and bypass armor. Boom.
At a high level he’s got enough meat to take a few hits and switch him with a caprosuchus or something that can come in swinging. Dracorexg1 or g2.
Thing is, I’ve set up my 8 to always have a strategy. I never count on getting just one to make my day.
I keep my red in rotation, even if I get her I won’t play her till last.
Learn to use the soldiers before you drop your tanks. Motto from mtg days.