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Team Advice-Who should I Remove?


I’m close to unlocking Tenontorex. Who goes? I’m leaning towards Indominous Rex. I am just over 4000 but seem to stay between 3850 and 4100. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Stegodeus has been off my team for a bit and I only created Nodapadatitan becuause I am l4 and had SO much giraffitan! Maybe one day itll get a buff :slight_smile:


You’re leaning towards the right choice.

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Yarp - your instincts are spot on - although while you have others on L20 you may want to experiment a little, see what combo works best for you. Assuming you are keeping I-Rex at L20 to feed Indoraptor then it will soon need to be dropped as your team leaves it behind.

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Thank you. My 1 question…without I rex I wont have an immune dino. Is there an Immune Dino I should be working on/leveling up?


Work on getting magna and erlidom


I had that same doubt about my team… recently benched Indominus. And even though I don’t have another immune, it wasn’t a problem for me… at least not until now.