Team advice?


I’ve posted for this before, but I’ve come a long way since then. I’d love to hear any advice on my team, who should be swapped for who, who should I put the most focus on, etc. Also including a screenshot of the legendaries I should have soon, should I add any of them once they’re created? I’m in Sorna Marshes at about 3500 trophies. I could probably have more by now but I haven’t fought in the arena in over a week because it just feels like an aggravation half the time… although I’ve noticed I’m not levelling dinos half as fast as I was or collecting nearly as much DNA. So I’ll have to resume arena soon.


Some sort of mono hybrid is needed for the nullifying.
Indo raptor is strong
Ankylosaurus is useful to a point but makes a strong unique so get him

Focus the easy ones based on what spawns in your locale (tragodistis, nodopat hybrids … preferable stegodeus). And then hunt at night some to get rarer epics like mono, bary, and the common VRaptor.

Good luck


Yes that’s the only reason I haven’t already swapped Monolopho for one of my benched legendaries. The nullifying and distracting attacks it has are very useful. But it’s getting to a point where I may have to do without them because my Monolopho is levels lower than the rest of my team and most opponents I face now, and it has low HP so it usually gets one shotted sometimes without even getting a hit in if the other dino is faster. I haven’t seen one in the wild in ages when I used to see them fairly often, and I travel through all the different zones daily. I’m working on my Giraffatitan so I can make the Nodopatotitan to replace Gigaspikasaurus. And I hunt pretty much around the clock daily (I don’t sleep well :joy:).


I would pick one of the Sino hybrids and focus. There’s just not enough Sino dna to go around. In sorna, you can drop the mono for the reasons you’ve realized… he’s just not strong enough for that utility of distraction and nullify. I was talking long term you should get one of his hybrids. Honestly the monomimus is probably the better choice but I refuse to make him. I think he’s a bit unfair.

Get the new legendary this week (flyer) with him and megalosuchus you should have no problems with swap needs. Honestly it’s just a grind, not going to sugar coat it


I’ve only seen one Monomimus in the arena and it whooped my team by itself. Yeah I’ve been focusing on Utasino instead of Allosino. I do love Allosino attacks though, he’s really my only tank buster AND has a stun move. I’m gunning for the flying hybrid, my Alanqa is almost 15 so I should be able to pull it off, but the stupid bird escapes me Everytime. Very annoying, I’d probably be 15 with DNA for a few fusions otherwise. I know it’s a grind, which I don’t mind I actually enjoy grinding, just looking for some direction to grind in.


Swap places with monolophosaurus and gigaspikasaur to rajakylosaurus and pyrritator.