Team advice


This is my current team at the moment. With this tournament going on, I need to switch up some strategy. Here are some suggestions that I was thinking.

  1. Yolo and level up Utasino to lvl 23, raptors especially this one can be very annoying in the arenas. Or possibly try to save for Utarinex? Dracorex is currently in the mid lvl 19s.
  2. Fearing of a nerf, I have enough food to level stegodeus to lvl 26.
  3. Do a complete 180 turn, and drop spinotasuchus for tragodistis. Love and hate relationship with trag. Enough juice to level up in the 24s. Euoplocephalus, parasaurolophus, and amargos are easier to grind. Should have enough to fuse 37x right now.
  4. Leveling up monomimus at the moment, but she is just a little short of lvl 17, which can later be swapped for monostego?

Open to any suggestions, magna is on hold at the moment. All dimetrodon are going towards tryostonixs. Didn’t get to attempt much of the anky event, and only got 3/15, rajaky and ankyntro are on hold. If anyone can guide me to the direction of ouranoland, I’d kindly appreciate it :grin:

  1. Looking at your Dracorex DNA and Sino DNA, you won’t be able to get Utarinex soon.
    If tournament is your priority, go for the Utahsino upgrade. I usually love the distracting, priority stun and critical impact & repeat combination if it works.

  2. Definitely go for the Stegodeus evolve, that should be first thing you do. Each level up of Stegodeus increases your chance of winning battle. I have stopped farming, but still catch stego/apato whenever I can (mine is at Lvl27 and sometimes cleanes half the opponent team).

  3. You seem to have not yet created trago (or that screenshot is missing). Based on the DNA you have, not sure how early/much you can evolve it. I would still keep Spinotasuchus if trago is < Lvl 19.

  4. Didn’t see mono on your dino list. Focus on one, either Monostego or mimus. You can’t have your legs in two boat at a time :smiley:


That sounds like a good plan, tomorrow I should be able to level up the utasino. As for stegodeus, I guess im going to have to pull some finger cramps haha i’ll get her to 26. Sorry tragodistis is currently mid lvl 18. Not seeing as much spinos which can make leveling spinotah a bit harder, and trag being the easier alternative. Just wondering if lvl 21 Spino is strong enough to do some damage. My best bet is probably to stick with monosteg for now. Don’t see too many monolophosaurus around the area.


I think I only have a say in tragod. I am currently at 4400ish. My lvl24 tragoditis often end up at a favourable position in her matchup. She’s been doing a great job as an open combatant. But in friendly battle she won’t stand a chance against anything that hits very hard, situation in which I assume you will be facing similar.
If you decide to have her a go regardless, I strongly suggest you not to replace spinotahsuchus, but IRex. At level 20 she’s much too mediocre.


I wouldn’t mind swapping indom, she can be a bit of a gamble and I tend to use her at the very end if im losing. Usually she can save the match just by one shotting, but its still a bit risky at lvl 20 if rng fails. Tragodistis seems to be one of the few dinos that always gives me trouble if I dont have any immune/shield breakers. I’ll probably level up trag, or would you recommend alanky? She is currently at lvl 17 with 27x fuse saved up.


I’m probably one of the few players out there who would recommend Tragodistis over Alankylosaurus. I’ve got both of them at level 25 and I’ve found Tragodistis to be far more versatile for me.


I’m no where near the levels y’all are but I do have to say that trag is one of my favs however, many a frustrating moment when I’m about to use a powerful move against my opponent and they use that swap in invincibility that alany has!!!


Alankylosaurus is on the slower end so once they do the swap in Invincibility, the element of surprise is gone. Its strength is in the shields and the 2x rampage, but if you can bring in a defense shattering dino, she is a sitting duck. Tragodistis on the other hand, can do invincibility, rampage, stun and cleanse.


Good point, tragodistis’s speed is very favorable. I’ll definitely give trag a go, surprised Ive never used her in battle yet :rofl: Probably start leveling trag after I get enough coins for utasino. Sounds like a good plan. :grin:


imo leave utahsin alone and work on utarhinex


hows that lvl 22 tryo working for you?


Tryo I’d say is doing pretty good for me, love using the rtc. I would like tryo to be a bit stronger to take down the lvl 25+ stegodeus though, having a harder time finding baryonyx these days. Its been brachiosaurus every where unfortunately. Oh a daily, I would probably see about two dracorex. I could try popping some rare scents in L2 to expedite lvl 20?


Took a brief look at those top leaders, I barely saw someone playing utasino. Seems to me utarinex is more of an endgame team element. BTW, last Thursday night I tested my large common scent capsule in L2. As a result, didn’t find too many deino nor velo, not a single draco, but only one ourano. So…


maybe a rare scent? my L2 spawns a decent amount of draco. well around 5 a trip.


I may have to start hunting more often in L2. Highly motivated now for utarinex. That dino just slays when they open with her. Probably best that I save the utasino, I’d get on average one or two sinos a week. Hopefully that should help. Wish I didn’t ignore so many back then :sob:


I’ve had enough Sino dna to create Utarinex for over a month now but just can’t seem to find enough Dracorex. Finally get that green dragon to level 20 and of course it’s been 10 dna per fuse and now I’m out Dracorex dna again


@Idris same haha, been stocked on utasino till the point where I decided to level it up to lvl 22 :joy: Almost got that green dragon to 20. Ive been getting 10s for diloracheirus it sucks.