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Team after two months

Teams after two months of playing, should I do something specific or something like that?


So cool!!!
Are you vip, you are as good as me after 3 month in only 2 month, so cool!!

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Besides aquatics and cenos I would bring all your vips to level 10, pretty good work but its still early days so I would just continue to build your DNA reserve if I were you.

Quick question, were you able to get pelicanipteryx copies from trade harbour? Or did you have enough pelicamimus for fusion?

TH shouldn’t be opened yet I think that’s still lvl 50?

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Yup, it’s still at lvl 50

I get 8 cards of pele so hybrid is normally unlocked and maxed.
Also I already have 7 pyroraptors so one card left I hope on Monday will be Carnotaur event so Carnoraptor won’t escape from me

But I don’t have any nasuteratops, but my Trade harbor just opened so I believe I get some pachycaratops here in custom trades

I just reached level 50 and open TH

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This is a really good lineup for your level I guess. Congrats! I’m also at a similar level at level 46 but your lineup would destroy mine :D. How did you get the Pelecachytlus btw? I need it so much but I just can’t get any copies of Pelecanimimus and Hatzegopteryx.

I unlocked hatzegopteryx in monday unlocking event and 8 cards of pelegallimimus just dropped by time.

can you believe this?


Congrats! I got 2 Suchomimuses at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatttt how did u get to dom? I just stayed in survivor vuz hunter and pred are too op. Can i see ur lineup?

Oh my. Well done

big luck, 4k buck and battles every 3-2 hours


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