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Team Attacks (New Idea) 💡

I just thought of a new idea- Team attacks. Here is one for example. I cannot make this on toolbox.

Mile Long Roar(mortem roar animation)

  • Target All teammates. Break shields, bypass armor, Attack x1. Delay 2, Cooldown 2.

Earthquake(maxima rampage animation)

  • Target All teammates. Slow all opponents by 50% for 1 turn. Attack x1. Delay 1, Cooldown 2

These are not Raid attacks I am talking about. In pvp, these attacks can hit the dinos in your dugout. Or cards in you hand.

Now what does deceleration do? Whenever you play/place that Dino, that’s when the deceleration turns start to count down. There will be a marker on the dinos similar to a priority symbol, but red and backwards!

PLEASE tell me what you think. I may be able to get this feature added





Thank you, these look great!

Sorry if there has been a misunderstanding guys, I mean the opponents team not our own team :sweat_smile:


I couldnt understand the point tho. Why would I want to attack my own team?

No no, group attacks that attack your opponents remaining cards

So kind of like Yugi-Oh?

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ooo sorry for the misunderstanding😅

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I don’t know what that is, but I searched it and yes.