Team battles in jwa

Teambattles could be like a raid where you work with your friends and alliance, but the biggest change is that you fight peoples teams. This will happen every week. There can be 3 people max on a team and can chose only one dino. And at the end of the week the prize would be boost refunds.
Tell in the comments what other things they can add.


They can add skins, emotes, badges as prizes


That could be good too.

I think it should be a random pick from an entire team of 4 as I would make a team with a super speeded irritator and 2 maxed out damaging Thors or something like this to one shot, one turn all 3 of my opponents.

This is why we have a team of 8 with 4 randomly chosen. Someone would figure out the perfect team boosted to the max and always win and then everyone would make that exact same team. Most would play once against these and never play again.

I would like the three on three team battling where everyone has to set up 3 teams of 8: one fierce, one resilient and one cunning. When you go into a match, not only would the class teams be a random pick, but the 4 creatures used in battle would be random. Every team would always have a fierce, a resilient and a cunning team on it. This would push players to have 24 viable creatures.


That is a great idea! Especially since boost resets are almost impossible to get currently