Team building advice

Hey y’all how’s it going?
I just got hit by a pretty bad losing streak lol. May have lost 10 in a row. My team remained largely the same throughout many updates. Refra is newly added in. I thought I would ask you guys for an opinion on what to include and what not. I have boosts locked in in dinos I benched previously. Without having access to reset tokens I thought I would just leave them for now. Penalty is too high without a free reset. Thank you in advance for your advice!

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morty , indot , zorion , skoona , scorp in
magnus , tenrex , magna , erlidominus , phorex out


Uhh ankylos lux?

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personally hate it play style but thats also a choice

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Sadly a lot of your creatures have degraded due to so many meta swaps. Honestly- I would say scrap everything on your team except for ref. Phorurex does have some use left in it but there are just generally better options now after the nerf.

Let’s start with the apexes you need to add. Add that Mortem rex and level it to team level asap, it’s strong and a incredible revenge killer. Mortem has really made a great leap back into the meta this update. Next, add Ankylos, Hydra, and Trebax. Those three other apexes are also extremely strong. Please note: they CANT be used at that level, they’re strength grows extremely exponentially so I’d suggest to start asking your alliance for some of those raids. And once again, keep your ref on your team.

Next for the uniques. Level and add scorp Gen 3 to your team, it’s been a monster for almost 9 months now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Thankfully it’s also really easy to level so that should probably be your main focus. I can see your indot peaking at the bottom of your screenshot, must be added. It is most definitely in the top 3 uniques although being a pure fierce, and similarly to scorp easy to evolve. So what I’m trying to get across is just spam request carno haha to get those two up. Now for your final team slot on your team. I would say either focus on para if you have spare lux dna, but if you don’t just wait for a anurog pursuit and grind that pursuit or event until you have a team level ardontognathus. (Which is also a top 3 unique.)

Some other things to note. The order of which you should strip off your teams boosts should go something like this:

  1. Erlidominus
  2. Erlikospyx
  3. Magnapyritor
  4. Tenotorex
  5. Testa
  6. Phorurex
  7. Cera

And in regards of the order you should add the creatures I suggested to your team, honestly just do it in order of how high a level they are since they’re all going to equally set your team miles stronger than its current status.

If you want boost suggestions DM me on discord, but hopefully that’s a decent enough brief of how you should reconfigure your team for a new meta. Hope this helps @Peter_Yiu :smiley:

Edit: I would have suggested valias instead of trebax but since I didn’t see it in your deck I assumed you were far away from unlocking it. (It needs to be 28+ to be strong) So that’s my reason for skipping such a prominent meta figure.


You could get Morty to lvl 30, which I would do if you have the coins and put it on your team for probably Tenrex

Use this,I have a level 25,of 1886 damage and 144 speed,can kill two creatures if use right.

Get rid of everything except ref
Level up trebax, scorp, morty, boa, anky lux, and IndoT
Also definitely use that Orion
Now you have a very good balanced team that can deal with different threats