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Team Building for 3300+

Aup to anyone jumping into this,
Im just seeking out advice really on decent teams for 3300+ in ranks.
I managed to hit 3502 but then got absolutely annihilated by an team of Uniques at Lv23+ and since then ive just plummeted,
I feel like everyone and their mothers have a mass amount of legendaries in comparison to where im at, running epics and rares at level 17 :rofl:.
Sooo if anyone has any tips on building a solid team lemme know as im diving atm so anything would probably help :rofl:

Well, you could start by coming up with a list of the creatures you encounter the most often, and trying to counter those as best you can with what you have.
Sometimes a creature that’s good on paper might not work out for you because you’re facing a narrow range of opponent dinos.
Then you can also start working towards counters that you don’t have yet accordingly.

If you want help with team comp, you can always list the dinos you have levelled and ask for recommendations.

It seems to be chompers or High Attack&Immune to effects that i struggle with, like Trystonix? (probably missspelt but ya get what i mean)
I’ll throw some pics out in a sec, ignore my team atm, ive just been playing with it and having fun :rofl:

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Im currently pushing Ourano for Phorusaura as its Instant Rampage seems a bit mad to me lol

For the most part, it looks like you need more coins. I see alot of stuff that should be leveled up.

Your lack of chompers is concerning, but I get the fact that Trex may only get 1 attack off before dying.

You are on the right track with Procera. Miragaia is a good stand in until you get actual good legendaries.

Getting money without buying it is friggin ridiculous in this game lol :rofl:
Yeahh i tried running TRex but he just seems easily countered, especially considering his speed lol
Im also half way to Paramoloch but I’ve never come up against one that actually seems to kill any thing lol It just seems like a stall and run? Lol
Also i have 52 things i can level up :upside_down_face: its a joke

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Ah, I remember the times when I used to run Stiggy on my team. It stayed with me all the way into lower Lockdown.
Those were the good old days.
Back then Suchotator and Miragaia were mainstays too. I also used Alanqa for a long time, since it’s great at stopping big hits and outspeeding some commonly used dinos.

Anyway, you seem to have some pretty good creatures on hand. Carbonemys, Procera, Indominus and Thylacotator are all really useful.
Indominus rex Gen 2 is also a really good hybrid, and definitely worth levelling up both for a team, as well as for it’s OP hybrid.

Just out of curiosity, why do you have a level 16 Pteranodon? It reaches fusion level at 15, and its Unique is worth saving the DNA for. This is something a lot of people are very… particular about.

Definitely a good dino to work towards. Don’t forget to stock up on Blue DNA from daily missions. It’s not a bad dino by itself, but its hybrid (with Indominus G2) is a must-have.

Yeah im not getting blue past 15, i already poached his hybrid lol

Thanks btw, i appreciate the replies :+1::+1: only joined Forums yesterday to complain about the fact MultiFuse is level Capped to 17 :rofl::rofl:

Your team needs more teeth. Lol
I also remember when I was a level 12, I rolled with 2 bleeders, 2 tanks, a couple of chompers, and some speeders. For starters, I would say as far as chompers go, go for epic Rexy because she has the strongest bite force. The other chomper is your choice really.

Bleeds dont seem to be doing much for me as most stuff i come up against has immune lol so bleeds just fall over their own feet, I’ve thrown Gorgo in, he’s holding up well :rofl::+1:

Gorgosucchus and Postimetrodon are really good as well

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