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Team building help - replacing Indominus rex?


I’ve been thinking about changing Indo om my team.
I feel he is too easlity countered and only a few times gets a kill.
Not sure how to replace him with.
I have considered lvl up my Tryostronix, but not sure if i should save Dimotrodon dna for Magna (will be long tho since im far behind on Irritator dna)
Working on Tenontorex, but not seeing many Tenotosaurus, so not sure that will be possible.
Maybe even Procerathomimus would do a better job that Indo?

Any suggestions is appreciated :slight_smile:

I-Rex is doing poorly for you because lvl 20 is its weakest level. If she was on your team level, you would see how much of a menace she can be.

Also, her being so low level tells me you rely too much on cloak. Don’t do that.

Either Tenontorex or Tryostronix would be beneficial for your team, but I would consider dropping Alankylosaurus instead, since you have Tragodistis already. Usually one is enough.

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Create your green chicken and replace I Rex.

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Until you make Diloracheirus, you can replace it with Posti.

I‘d replace her with Tryostronix but Tryo should be definitely lvled up to unleash her true powers against other 21+ opponents.

Prioritize creating Dilorach and work on your Monostegotops.

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Am working on that one. Out of Dilophosauras dna so will take time
Cant work on my Monostegotops since i dont have it yet :wink:

Indominus rex is only at lvl 20, else i would not be able to lvl Indoraptor more.
Thinking im waiting for Tenontorex.
Getting Tryostronix to a level where it would matter, would be too expensive for me. Dont really have the coin for it.
Thanks for the input

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