Team building help


Can someone list the best common creatures?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Any common dinosaur is beast and here is the proof:

My team dropped from top 50 to top 200 now due to getting killed by level 22 commons lol, its ridiculous. Any decently leveled common is pretty good!

Current meta i advise you to contain those in your team:
Velociraptor (glasscannon, either recks all dinosaurs or counters other velo if level is higher).
Stegosaurus (counters raptor or fast dinosaurs - good DMG)
Euoplo (main tank, does decent DMG)
Diplo (debuff & removes positive effects)
Allosaurus or tarbo (good damage & health; shreds armor)
Nundasuchus (can still deal loads of damage - but needs levels)

Those are pretty much top tier imo, aside from the nunda but its overall a good DMG dealer since its pretty fast and easy to find. Imo still better to invest in einio & majung hybrids. Those are your next step; very versatile hybrids. Try to upgrade to rares once they reach similar levels like your commons. Good luck!