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Team building help?


I’m having a hard time in lockdown and I thought it’d be a good idea to ask for help building a better team. I don’t know who will actually respond to this, but any help would be appreciated.


It has been a long time since lockdown for me but here is a little advice from me. 1) build towards a balanced team. I mean have a means to take down all the dinosaurs at your area a level that you see frequently. 2) keep working on getting your legendary Dinos. The more of them you get to the more options you have to build a balanced team. 3) don’t be afraid to experiment with different dinosaurs. You have quite a bit of dinosaurs at your team level. Play around with them and see which one fits your play style. I had to go through so many dinosaurs to find the ones I really liked. Even now I have so many at team level I can swap around and see what I like. 4) that dracorex gen 2 you have will be a silver bullet that gives a priority damage and you look like you can almost create dracoceratops.