Team building suggestions?

Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for who I should swap out or focus on leveling up. I was going to wait until level 17 to put ankylocodon in. I’m working on spinotasuchus now, and almost have tragodistis. Who should I keep, who should I ditch, and who should I level up? Saving stegocera dna for monostego, and saving allo for allosino.

Mmm I see you levelled some dinos after the fusing point (like nodopatosauro). I suggest you not to do it cause in the long run you will need those dna and those coins…
If you want, tell us the dinos you face in battle more frequently so that we can give you some advices on what to focus on.

I did for a while before I discovered the ins and outside of the actual fusing process. Haven’t been doing that since about 2000 trophies or so. The big ones that get me right now are tragod, monostego, monomimus, gorgosuchus, and leveled up ankylocodons. I can handle most everything else as long as it isnt 3 or 4 levels above me.

I see also you are almost ready to create Indoraptor!
I think the only hint a can give you is to put asap another immune dino cause you only have indominus for now. For that, I suggest you to focus on monomimo before create monostegotopo. :slight_smile: