Team cap increase

I think we should be able to have more creatures in our team. A team increase form 8 to 12 would be perfect. This would allow you to have more of your favorites in your team

  • Yes a team increase is a great idea
  • No need to change it. 8 creatures are fine

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But now your team is Restricted with: 3 Apex, 6 Unique, 12 Legendary. Epic, Rare and Common are unlimited.

Hell no, 8 Uniques. Restricting those numbers would just cause a greater meta anchor

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What yo mean? I don’t really get it…

If this wasn’t implemented in the normal arena, it would be amazing in friendly battles. Or even a random team generator!

I know it would be great for endgame players because the meta would be more interesting but when you look at players who still don’t have creatures at or near level 30, it would slow down progression a lot for them. If anything it should be optional to have teams with more than 8 creatures.

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I think it would be cool to have the option of battling with 8 - 12 creatures just to spice things up a bit.

having 12; makes getting a bad team selection more likely and more unfortunate and would worsen the battle experience in my opinion

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By restricting the unique that much, it wouldn’t cause a meta shift but rather further ingrain the current one. You would find the exact same 6-8 unique being used in those slots with little-to-none variety. By expanding the unique slots alongside other creatures, it allows for more diversity

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Maybe impose 12 on a team from Gyrosphere Depot upwards then that doesn’t restrict player progression and adds variety to end gamers?

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I’d be for 12 if it was an optional maximum, and they still allowed you to use a team of 8 dinos mimimum if you wanted. That way it isn’t a restriction on players, just an option if there’s 1-4 more dinos you’d like to try running. Using as few dinos as possible is always best, so no reason people shouldn’t be allowed to play sub-optimally imo as long as they understand that.

One of the biggest limiting factors in the game right now is team size. With only 8 slots, only the 8 best dinos will be used. Opening that up to a potential 12 allows more dinos that are slightly out of the meta now to be used more often. Honestly it wouldn’t affect the top teams too much, since they’ll still only use 8 dinos, but I don’t see how this would be harmful as long as it was optional.


I would like the idea as an option and make it so you gain 1.5 more trophy’s on a win and only lose 0.5 the amount of trophy’s on a lose compared to having a team of only 8. Since you chance getting worse teams but there are a lot of good creatures now.

If it was an option, I totally be all in for it. I like would like to add some vintage tryko, max or erlidom along with whats on my current team.