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Team change suggestions

I havent battled in so long due to being murdered by all of the thors and rats running around


If you have it, and the boosts, indo g2 possibly. I just replaced my lv 20 DC with a lv 18 indo g2. She does alright.

I recommend utasino as well. Its crit impact will always crit now, so guaranteed damage.
I’m partial to smiloceph but both it and phorusaura aren’t bad either.
I’m pretty sure it was Eviction that recommended gorgosuchus for me. From what i hear it does well and stays relevant for some time. Not sure how it would fare on your team.
Hope this helps.

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Speaking of indo gen 2, does it have the purrulyth sounds? Or does it have the regular indoraptor sounds

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I haven’t checked that. I usually play on silent. I’ll check next time i have her in a battle.
Edit: She has purrolyth sounds. Kinda disappointed about it.

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I never understood why ludia decided to give the gen 2 indos different sounds then their gen 1 siblings

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It has the sounds of Purrataurus

That baffled me as well. The same with Indom Gen 2. It has the sounds of Spinoasaurus

Nothing. I’d say your team is as good as it can be for what you have right now, unless you want to use Utasino rather than Rinex.