Team Change


What should I go for?
Rate my team and leave some tips


I would say is to trade stygimolach for nodopatasaurus.


That Stygimoloch needs to go away, she is just bad despite being an Epic. You have many good options there instead - Erlikosaurus, Nodopatosaurus and Amargocephalus are all great, take your pick, and if you find another member of your team is underperforming, don’t be afraid to switch it for any of those three I’ve mentioned!


Having just got badly hit by a level 24 nundachucus (bot) I suspect that the game mechanics favours level over skills. Dimetrodon is a worthy inclusion as it is immune from status effects and can get through armour and shields


The game does favor level when there’s a difference of about 5 levels, but 1-2 levels won’t really make a difference. Dimetrodon is so weak that she dies easily despite being immune, she won’t be useful until they give her more health. If you want to go for level, at least allosaurus is level 14, though she has a hard time against shields. If you want to go for skill, either erlikosaurus for damage or nodopatosaurus/amargocephalus for tanking


Oh, one or two LVs can make a huuuuuge difference … if it’s V-Raptor. :rofl:


Let me rephrase :stuck_out_tongue: 1-2 levels won’t usually make a difference hahahahaha

Also, did you guys know if Einiasuchus is 1 level higher than a velociraptor, she will win against it? Keep it in mind, folks, v-raptor owners usually don’t know this and they get so surprised when their raptor is down!